Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DIY: Animal Face Origami

When Chevron asked me to participate at their workshop in reducing environmental footprint, I helped how I could and that was to throw a DIY workshop, of course!

In line to the theme, we invited children to join the workshop to make origami elephant and tiger face characters using nothing but recycled paper like newspaper, magazine paper, and cardboard. Here’s how to make yours!
What you need:
Recycled paper, marker, and glue.

How to make:

1.    Cut your piece of paper into 15cm x 15cm
2.    Fold diagonally into a triangle, crease and unfold.
3.    Fold the top tip down where both the diagonals meet. Fold the bottom tip up a little.
4.    Fold both flaps to the center shaping ears of the elephant.
5.    Now, fold both top flaps out diagonally to form ears.
6.    Flip the paper over, draw eyes and your elephant face is done!

1.    Cut your piece of paper into 15cm x 15cm
2.    Fold diagonally into a triangle and crease.
3.    Fold it again in the middle and unfold.
4.    Fold each corner upwards to make the ears.
5.    Flip over and there you have your tiger face.
6.    Don’t forget to draw its eyes, nose and whiskers!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

Although the date has past, I still think of the end of the year as a season to be merry and jolly. Meaning, you can still leave your Xmas decorations up and add some if you wish. Here are some of the Christmas decorations I prepared last week.

Bank Victoria's Xmas Photobooth

Xmas Photobooth

Meaya's Christmas themed Birthday Lunch

Wishing you had a happy X-mas and enjoyed your time with the family!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Flamingo Party

It was a tropical day at Raikira’s party that afternoon. The birthday girl that turned one celebrated with pink flamingos and pretty hanging tissue paper decorations. Oh check out that marble cake frosting. It’s awesome!

The split leaves also worked great to enhance that tropical theme, don’t you think? Below is the tutorial for those paper tissue rosettes while you can see the tutorial for my honeycombs here (link).

DIY Tissue Paper Rosettes

What you need:
Tissue paper, scissors, stapler

How to make:
1.    For one rosette, you will need 4 sheets of tissue paper. Start with two sheets of tissue paper on top of the other and start folding them approximately 2 cm upwards and under starting from the bottom part.
2.    When all folded and forms a long piece, fold in half
3.    Cut the edges shaping a petal
4.    Stapler the bottom part and open the fan. Stapler the outer petal edges together to shape a half of a circle.
5.    Repeat to shape another half circle and then stapler the outer petals together to form a round fan. Done!
6.    Don’t forget to attach some string if you want to hang it in your room or over your door.


Saturday, December 10, 2016


Do you know what I love most about the holiday? It's the sweet treats! And I'm not talking about candies, but these babies!

Bath&Body Works' scent is always one of a kind and the Vanilla Bean Noel series suits this season well! Now, they're also being sweet by giving away one of their mini pack to one lucky winner.

All you need to do is follow my instagram @_dreamesh and @bathandbodyworksindonesia and leave a comment on my instagram post stating your fave BBW scent. The winner will be picked randomly in one week's time, so good luck!

What are you waiting for? Go hurry to my instagram account!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

DIY Paper Flower Pistils

You might have mastered how to make my giant paper flowers already, but with an easy-peasy additional touch to the center, these paper flowers make a whole pretty difference.

What you need:
Paper, scissors, hot glue, stapler, cardboard.

How to make:

I made these giant paper flowers using my poppy flower DIY here. However, I chose pastel color paper for these blossoms.

Choosing the right color for the center of the flower is totally up to you. I played with pastel shades while you can always contrast your petal to the pistil. Anything you think will go.

1.    Make your poppies. Once you have made your poppies, put aside.
2.    Glue your poppies to a circled cardboard in 15 cm diameter.
3.    Start making the pistils. Cut thin strips of paper. Mine measured about 20 cm in width and around 1 m in length.
4.    Now, start folding the strips in half. Then roll them up and secure with a stapler.
5.    Fix the pistil into the center of your poppy and seal with hot glue. Done!

Here are more pictures of how I incorporated them in bolder colors for a wedding decoration.
 See how such little makes a big difference?! 


Monday, November 7, 2016

Farmhouse Party

Not only did Old MacDonald have a farm, but Ayasofya also had one for her birthday bash!

Most animals made it to the party, like the cows on hats and bunting flags; the cow, chicken, duck, goat on cupcakes and cookies; and the pigs on the piggy goody bags. Not to mention the cow photo booth that was an extra fun feature with additional animal masks for the photo props.
 How cute are those chicken cupcakes and carrot cake pops?!
 All the farm animal photo props you need :)
Pink pig paper goody bags. Super fun and easy

I created this theme by combining greens with animals and classic red checked fabric that I set for the tablecloth and incorporated it into the bunting flags. On the table settings, I added a runner made from brown sacks resembling a barn and hay feel that you might find at a farm.

Vegetable characters also appeared in the carrot shaped cake pops and spoon and fork setting resembling a carrot. Yes, it’s all in the details!

Playing with balloons is always fun, as you can almost make anything out of them. This time, we built a balloon tree with hints of red balloons as apples, another farm-must-have. I’m sure Ayasofya and her guests had an A-moo-zing day!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

DIY Origami Wishing Tree

That day, I decorated a Japanese themed photo booth for BNI Life event. It consisted of a back drop of pretty umbrellas and a tree full of crane origami birds. Here’s how to make your own paper fleet! Speaking of origami, you might ask, is it tricky? Maybe at first. But beware, it’s addictive!
What You Need:
Origami paper in different colors and sizes. The bigger the paper, the bigger the bird.

-    If your paper origami is only colored on one side, make sure the colored side is facing up when you start folding.
-    If you don’t have origami paper, you can always use computer paper and form it into a square first. I bet newspaper would be good too!
How To Make:
1.    Fold your piece of paper diagonally, shaping a triangle.
2.    Unfold, then fold diagonally again on the opposite side.
3.    Turn the paper over then fold in to a rectangle.
4.    Unfold and fold the opposite side too.
5.    Unfold and position your paper so one corner is facing you.
6.    Using the creases you made, bring the top three corners down to the bottom corner and flatten.
7.    Fold the bottom triangular flaps into the center.
8.    Fold the triangular top of this piece down and crease.
9.    Unfold and top flap of the model, bring it upwards so that it shapes long diamond shape pressing down the sides of the model inwards at the same time.
10.    Turn the model over and repeat no 7, 8, 9.
11.    Your model will now look like a diamond shape.
12.    Fold the top flaps again into the center starting from the bottom.
13.    Repeat on the other side. Your model should now look like a long kite.
14.    Now, fold both legs up creasing very well and unfold.
15.    Open every side of the flaps and fold the legs up in between and fold down one leg to make the head.
16.    Fold down the wings and your crane is done!
17.    Now all you need to do is repeat your birdies in different colors and sizes and hang them on dry branches in a large vase. I’m telling you, it is really pretty!

For a visual tutorial, try this video here. Have fun!



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